Back Up Camera Is Essential

parking-safety-360x20011Backing up is one of the most challenging tasks that we do while driving. Backup cameras and backup sensor  are  a great help. Reversing out of a parking spot or pulling out of a driveway, our vision is limited, which can lead to dangerous situations. Backup cameras and backup sensors are only solution for reducing that danger.

Even if your car or truck does not have a display or screen, we here at Boyzaudio can easily add one and mount a rearview backup camera on your vehicle.A rear view mirror with screen to display images from your backup camera while in reverse.

Backup camera styles and options    image

At  BoyzAudio, we carry several styles of backup cameras. There are three main types to choose from:

• Plate- and bar-style cameras that mount on your vehicle’s license plate.

• Plug or knockout cameras that fit into a vehicle’s factory mount hole for a rearview camera.

• Keyhole camera, which is usually flush-mounted to a vehicle’s bumper.

Each backup camera style is designed to give you a wide field of view regardless of where it is mounted. Some rearview cameras have “night vision” LEDs to help illuminate the path behind the vehicle on dark nights.

 Backup sensors image

Backup sensors use radar to alert your to objects behind you while your vehicle is in reverse.

Backup sensors are getting more and more popular with drivers every day. These systems are installed into your back bumper and turn on when you are backing up. If there is an object behind you, the sensors make a series of beeps to alert you of the danger, and these will get faster as you get closer to the object.  Having your system installed professionally by BoyzAudio ensures that all of the connections are made properly and will withstand the elements where necessary. This is especially true with truck backup camera systems, where connections and cables are run under truck beds.

  To find out more about our backup cameras and backup sensors and make your driving safer, please call us at 647-719-2016

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